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ICE Network CoLab Series – 2020 Program Overview

ICE Network CoLab Series – 2020 Program Overview

ICE Network CoLab Series – 2020 Program Overview

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­­­What is a CoLab?

The ICE Network CoLab Series is a webinar and event series designed to share knowledge and build collaboration amongst participants on the ICE Network on their Indigenous clean energy projects and initiatives. The CoLab series consists of monthly online or in-person sessions focused on a variety of subjects such as energy efficiency, bioenergy, community energy planning, project development & diesel reduction, and technology & innovation. We invite anyone with an interest in learning about these subjects to attend. The sessions are free and open to all. 

Program Outcomes in 2019

During the first year of programming, ICE hosted ten online CoLabs and a series of five in-person sessions at the ICE Gathering on October 30th in Ottawa.

There were 783 CoLab attendees in 2019 for webinar-based sessions, plus an additional 120 attendees at the ICE Gathering. The feedback for these sessions has been very positive and has formed the basis for the development of the 2020 program. Feedback was collected in a survey sent to each attendee after CoLab sessions, in an ICE Network-wide survey, and at the ICE Gathering in October 2019 in Ottawa.

ICE CoLab 2020 Programming Schedule

The following sessions will be presented in ICE CoLabs in the 2020 calendar year in either webinar or in-person sessions. The release schedule will be posted on the ICE Network with details about registration, format, and presenters.

  • Microgrid Energy Storage – in partnership with the Independent Electrical Systems Operator of Ontario (IESO) and the Yukon Government – Project Development and Diesel Reduction Forum
  • Forestry Management and the Clean Energy Transition – BioEnergy
  • Community-Scale Planning of Home Energy Auditing; in partnership with the Bringing it Home Initiative – Energy Efficiency
  • Artificial Intelligence: Tangible Applications and How Communities Benefit– Technology & Innovation
  • Engaging Community Elders & Youth in Energy Planning – Community Energy Planning
  • Feedstock Supply Chains for BioEnergy Project Planning & Operations – BioEnergy
  • Microgrid Integration & System Controllers – Project Development & Diesel Reduction
  • Asset Management for Energy Efficiency – Energy Efficiency
  • Integrating Community Energy Plans into Comprehensive Community Plans – Community Energy Planning
  • Advancements in Clean Energy Technology - Technology & Innovation
  • Building Maintenance & Energy Conservation Strategies – Energy Efficiency

If you would like to know more about the CoLabs or are interested in participating in hosting or presenting, please contact Bonnie Van Tassel 

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