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Air Canada, the official airline sponsor of the 20/20 Catalysts Program and The Gathering, is providing a drone delivery solution for First Nations community in light of COVID-19. Beau Soleil First Nations is a remote community in the Southern tip of the Georgian Bay in Ontario. With over 1,000 remote communities in Canada, solutions like this are critical to ensure the supply chain of essential medical goods and medical supplies. 

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Cargo and Foundation support drone delivery solution for First Nations community


Air Canada Cargo and the Air Canada Foundation recently worked with industry partners, including Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), the Pontiac Group and GlobalMedic, as well as generous donors like OEC Group, to deploy a patented drone delivery solution to the Beausoleil First Nation (BFN) community in Ontario.


The ability to maintain reliable supply chains has been a central challenge for remote communities since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. DDC's Sparrow drone solution will help BFN limit person-to-person contact on its island ferry service by transporting COVID-19-related cargo such as personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene kits, test kits and test swabs.


“We are proud of our association with GlobalMedic and our partner Drone Delivery Canada for working with the Beausoleil First Nation community to provide just-in-time access to essential medical goods and food supplies. There are over 1,000 remote communities in Canada, many of which are impacted by supply chain challenges,” said Ameet Sareen, General Sales Manager. “Cargo drone technology is disrupting the global supply chain industry across all industries by enabling a reliable and cost-effective logistics solution, especially in hard-to-reach locations.”


“We are proud of the meaningful connections that have been made between key players to support this humanitarian effort,” added Valérie Durand, Director, Communications Optimization. “It is a good illustration of how we can leverage assets and partnerships for social good.”


Last year, Air Canada signed an unprecedented commercial agreement with DDC, becoming the world’s first commercial airline to work with a cargo drone company.


Check out CityNews Toronto’s segment of the Sparrow drone in action.







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