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Introducing Seasons of Change, ICE's first annual report | ICE Network

Introducing Seasons of Change, ICE's first annual report

Introducing Seasons of Change, ICE's first annual report

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Good morning, ICE Network!

We are pleased to introduce Seasons of Change, ICE's first annual report.

2020 was a year of transition and growth for ICE. Our flagship 20/20 Catalysts Program celebrated a monumental year with the fifth cohort. The ICE Network added over 400 members and several new Forums. Additionally, the growth of Bringing It Home, the Global Hub, the Mentorship Program, The Gathering, and the creation of a new youth program, Generation Power, led the transformation to an organization empowering Indigenous people, families, and communities on multiple levels.

In the Seasons of Change, we report on the major achievements of our programming in the past year, how we adapted to and embraced the 2020 changing environment, and how our team grew to keep pursuing our vision of being a transformative organization, advancing Indigenous inclusion in the clean energy transition across Canada.


(Pag. 3. Words from Darrell Brown, Chair, Board of Directors and Chris Henderson, ICE Executive Director)

Indigenous Transformation of Clean Energy Futures

Embodying the guidance of Chief William Commanda, it is our honour to present Indigenous Clean Energy’s 2020 Annual Report to All Our Relations.

As a fully independent Indigenous-governed and Indigenous-led organization, ICE has expanded its programming to advance Indigenous inclusion in every dimension of clean energy opportunity across Canada.

As we reflect on the past year and look ahead, we find that the changing seasons resonate with us. In Anishinaabek language, the medicine wheel is expressed as the four seasons: Mnookmi (Spring), Niibin (Summer), Daagwagi (Autumn) and Bboon (Winter). Every transition of the seasons teaches us; sometimes in subtle small ways, and sometimes in a catalyzing, life-changing manner. Our work at ICE is inspired by this transformative spirit. As an organization and a broader community, we commit ourselves to a just transition: a new way of being that is economically sustainable, ecologically restorative, and socially equitable for Indigenous Peoples.

We are dedicated to ICE being a transformative organization through our set of dynamic programs, and our commitment to Indigenous clean energy inclusion. The focus of our work is impact-oriented as we:

  1. Catalyze the Transformative Power of Indigenous People: We empower Indigenous peoples and their partners to be clean energy change agents through education, capacity building, skills development and mentorship, with high-quality and hands-on programming that enhances: a) Indigenous clean energy leadership with the award-winning 20/20 Catalysts Program, b) Indigenous youth clean energy skills development in the recently launched Generation Power Program, and c) Indigenous clean energy mentoring and community energy planning.
  2. Advance the Transformative Collaboration of Community: We forge new and deeper connections through proactive clean energy information and interaction between Indigenous communities and peoples, governments (federal and provincial/territorial), electricity utilities, clean energy companies and developers, local municipalities, clean energy technology firms, financial sectors interests, NGOs, and academic entities — through programs including the ICE Network, and our annual ICE Gathering.
  3. Foster the Transformative Foundation of Indigenous Communities: We are supporting Indigenous community efforts towards affordable, healthy, and resilient Indigenous housing that uses energy effectively and efficiently, with the purpose of creating a base for sustainable livelihoods. ICE does this through its Bringing It Home (BiH) program, supported by financing instruments and mechanisms for energy-efficient Indigenous infrastructure. We also promote Indigenous-owned renewable energy microgrids through ICE’s Global Hub, which connects us with Indigenous communities in other countries. 
  4. Broaden the Transformative Value of Clean Energy: We fervently believe that clean energy must also yield an array of social impacts. From protecting nature, generating Indigenous and local jobs, and promoting healthy communities, as well as producing clean and affordable energy that addresses energy poverty, ICE will bring forward a new approach to realize the transformative value of clean energy utilizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Canada and globally.

We do acknowledge that envisioning ICE as a transformative organization is ambitious. We, nonetheless, embrace this calling and shall exercise our acumen and passion to make this vision a reality

Click here to read the full report

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