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Mary Simon - Canada's First Indigenous Governor General | ICE Network

Mary Simon - Canada's First Indigenous Governor General

Mary Simon - Canada's First Indigenous Governor General

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Mary Simon is an accomplished advocate for Inuit rights on both the national and international stage. Let’s take a look at Mary’s advocacy for a sustainable future and her well-respected career.

Click on the links below to learn more about the newly appointed Governor-General of Canada, Dr. Mary Simon (Ningiukadluk): 

A New Shared Arctic Leadership Model Report by Mary Simon

“Leaders across the Arctic were candid with me about the particularly complex mix of issues they are confronting today. Revealed in many of my discussions was a common thread: the very real concerns and uncertainties caused by climate change. Canada is an Arctic nation, and shouldering a disproportionate level of impacts because the Arctic is warming at close to twice the global average rate. I heard repeated accounts of the impact of a warming Arctic on food security, infrastructure, housing, and safety on the land and sea. The message was very clear: an adaptation strategy and implementation plan for the Arctic must become a national priority within Canada's climate change commitments.”

Mary May Simon Seventh Chancellor at Trent University

“Mary Simon presented at the Climate Change Conference at Trent University on March 2, 2007 sharing her unique perspective on the effects of climate change on Inuit peoples in Canada’s far north.”

Mary Simon Biography

“Mary Simon has also received many other distinctions including eleven honorary doctorates of Laws from Canadian Universities (McGill, Guelf, Trent, University of Alberta, Memorial, Carleton, Queens, Loyalist College, Mount Saint Vincent, University of British Columbia, and University of Victoria.)”

Who is Mary Simon, Canada's first Indigenous Governor General?

” A long-time advocate for Inuit and Canada's North, Simon represented the Inuit during repatriation of the Constitution and was involved in the creation of Nunavut.”

Image from APTN: https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/former-head-of-itk-mary-simon-named-first-indigenous-governor-general/

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