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Reflecting on Generation Power's Youth & Employer Virtual Event | ICE Network

Reflecting on Generation Power's Youth & Employer Virtual Event

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In mid-February the Generation Power Team made the difficult decision to postpone the Cultural Land Camp over concerns of spreading COVID-19. Despite having to delay the Camp, the 2021/2022 Cohort was able to meet virtually in the month of March.  

For the first time, youth and employers were able to interact, connect and explore their respective perspectives in a joint gathering. During a round of introductions each participant expressed their motivations for joining Generation Power. While reasonings varied, there was a shared sense of respect for harnessing Indigenous knowledge and promoting equity.  

Youths and employers were then placed in breakout groups where they shared their challenges and learning experiences within GP thus far. Discussions highlighted the importance of Indigenous leadership, empowering youth and ensuring a just and thoughtful transition to a clean energy economy. 

Bringing both sides of the cohort together was a milestone moment for Generation Power. We are inspired by the relationships being built and the growing community within the ICE Network. The GP Team is looking forward to safely welcoming the 2021/2022 Cohort to Osoyoos B.C. for the Cultural Land Camp, now happening June 12th – 16th 2022. 

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