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Protecting our world - H̓íkila qṇts n̓ála’áx̌v | ICE Network

Protecting our world - H̓íkila qṇts n̓ála’áx̌v

Protecting our world - H̓íkila qṇts n̓ála’áx̌v

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By Rochelle Baker

National Observer

The Haíɫzaqv Nation is aiming to protect their world — building a sustainable future now and for generations to come despite being at the nexus of negative impacts from colonialism and climate change.

The nation’s climate action team recently crafted a framework rooted in the worldview and ancestral laws of the Haíɫzaqv and tied to concrete proposals to adapt and thrive as global warming advances.

Members and guests were welcomed in March to the big house in Bella Bella to witness, celebrate and advance the new community energy plan.

The plan is a key to achieve positive climate outcomes for the Haíɫzaqv, but it operates in tandem with the wider objectives, or “house posts”, of self-government, economic development, environmental stewardship, cultural revitalization and housing.

Protecting our world — H̓íkila qṇts n̓ála’áx̌v is the title and first story in a series by Canada’s National Observer to highlight some of the ways the Haíɫzaqv Nation is advancing its resurgence and self-determination in its territory on B.C.’s remote central coast where land and sea intersect.

“This clean energy plan is to align with our values and to stay connected with the Earth, said Q̓átuw̓as Brown, the team’s community engagement co-ordinator.

“What we're trying to do as a nation is move away from fossil fuels … but [stay] rooted in who we are as a people.”

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