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Catalyzing Kelowna with the 20/20 Catalysts Program | ICE Network

Catalyzing Kelowna with the 20/20 Catalysts Program

Catalyzing Kelowna with the 20/20 Catalysts Program

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After two years of anticipation, the 20/20 Catalysts Program week one onsite has finally taken place! Catalysts started the week off with opening prayers from Elders Pamela and Wilfred Barnes of Westbank First Nation, followed by an introduction and icebreakers for the catalysts to get to know each other better. We ended the first day with an opening reception at Indigenous World Winery cohosted by Ecora and IWW owner, Rob Louie.  

The next few days, the catalysts spent time in sessions with mentors from various clean energy backgrounds including biomass, hydro, solar, and wind. Catalysts took some downtime to play Energy Jeopardy hosted by mentor, AJ Esquega, partaking in a tour of Sncewips Heritage Museum and a reception at Laurel Packinghouse, where catalysts had a chance to network with clean energy professionals, mentors and ICE staff.  

The final day in Kelowna was spent on tours where catalysts received some in-person and hands-on experience at Lake Country Microgrid, Splatsin Cultural Centre and Biomass District Heating Systems at Fink Machine.  

" The program in week one was eye-opening for me. I was introduced to a world of new information in renewable energy! The mentors were incredibly knowledgeable, funny, and supportive. My fellow catalysts were so welcoming.  I left inspired and immediately started applying what I learned. I’m very eager to learn more in the coming weeks of the program!”

- Holly Johnson 

The next on-site will be in Iqaluit, Nunavut in July! We are so excited to welcome all the catalysts and mentors once again.

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