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Pilot Communities Wanted! Smart Energy Community Scorecard

  • Stage: Available
  • Category: Training & Skills

The Smart Energy Communities Scorecard project, led by QUEST and Pollution Probe, is currently working with nine communities located in various parts of the country, aiming to help develop and test the implementation of a multi-sectoral tool that will benchmark the progress of Smart Energy Communities across Canada.

QUEST is seeking Indigenous communities that would be interested in contributing to the project through the sharing of their knowledge and expertise in energy systems, while learning from surrounding communities’ experience during the process. By doing so, in addition to the development of the benchmarking tool, the project aims to stimulate regional collaboration and partnerships for the development of integrated energy systems at the local scale, and help inform federal policy and program development.

Benefits of Participating as a Pilot Community

By participating as a Pilot Community, you will:

  • Receive a descriptive report analyzing the policies and processes in your community;
  • Receive advisory support from the project team on how to improve your community's energy system;
  • Contribute to a national, standard approach for evaluating Smart Energy Communities in Canada;
  • Be recognized as a leading Smart Energy Community in Canada;
  • Become connected to a national network of communities that have leading best practices; and
  • Become aware of opportunities to enhance local and regional integrated energy systems through collaboration with other communities.
  • A participation stipend of $2,000.

We're looking for communities that:

  • Are leading in the energy planning and management space
  • Are familiar with policy and process-based key performance indicators in the energy sector, and are familiar with data collection practices
  • Have contacts with local utilities (would be considered an asset)
  • Can commit 12 days over the course of 18 months to participating in the project.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. Ericka Wicks, ewicks@questcanada.org, 514-916-9728

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