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R-2000 & Net Zero Workshop (Fredericton, New Brunswick, July 8-10) | ICE Network


R-2000 & Net Zero Workshop (Fredericton, New Brunswick, July 8-10)

  • Stage: Available
  • Category: Training & Skills

Prerequisite recommended: Energy Advisor workshop

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to:

History of energy efficiency housing in Canada, the 2012 and 2014 R-2000* and Net Zero Standards, building science principles, requirements for evaluation design and project management planning to meet program technical requirements, construction process time lines, development and integration of verification checklists, ventilation, mechanical, blower door testing procedures and inspection guidelines, Hot2000, version 10.51 and 11.6 modelling procedures for the building envelope, windows, HRVs/ERVs, heat pumps, heat pump domestic hot water systems, drain water heat recovery, solar PV design, sizing, orientation, integration and installation, file submission requirements for indoor air quality and environmental features pick-list, PV System Commissioning Report, PV Ready Checklist and energy target calculation procedures.

The cost of this workshop for First Nation participants from New Brunswick is 100% funded by NB Power.

To register, complete the form at the end of the attached PDF & email it to nbhome@nbnet.nb.ca

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