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Contract: Renewable Skills Instructional Designer

  • Stage: Available
  • Category: Employment


Closing date: November 3, 2019
Job type: Contract
Contract timeline: Primary work period between November 2019 and May 2020. Final deliverable due October 2020
Compensation:$29,700, including GST (estimated 670 hours)
Location: Remotely, location flexible 

If you are excited about making a difference in the lives of fossil fuel sector workers, contributing to renewable energy opportunities for Indigenous communities, and helping transform the Canadian energy industry, don’t miss this exciting opportunity at Iron & Earth!
Iron & Earth is developing two solar energy programs and one wind training program, each customized for upskilling fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers into the renewables industry. The training programs will be between 5-10 days in length and entirely mobile, allowing us to bring the training to communities that need it the most and will include vital hands-on experience.
The Instructional Designer will work with a team of subject matter experts and a graphic designer to design and develop these three training programs. 

Iron & Earth formed around the lunchroom tables of the oilsands during an oil price crash which resulted in over 100,000 oilpatch employees losing their jobs between 2015 and 2017. We realized that our trade skills were transferable to the renewable energy industry and recognized the urgency of diversifying into these technologies. Beyond the financial benefits, we were excited about the opportunity to help build a more sustainable energy industry. So, in Spring 2016 we launched Iron & Earth to create a better future for ourselves, our coworkers, and the planet. Since then we have built a membership of over 800 fossil fuel industry workers passionate about our vision. 
Our top-level goal is to help ensure a prosperous transition towards global carbon neutrality by 2050. Our mission in pursuit of this goal is to empower fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to build a sustainable energy economy. Our vision is that fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers will play a leading role in building the energy infrastructure required to reach global climate targets. We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization.

The Instructional Designer is responsible for the design and content development of three renewable energy training programs, including research and technical writing. The Instructional Designer will collaborate with a team of subject matter experts (SMEs),  including experts in Indigenous ways of knowing, solar technologies, and wind technologies. 
The trainings will be tailored for fossil fuel sector and Indigenous workers and include two days of hands-on installation of a working renewable energy system. Each program will also incorporate Indigenous perspectives on renewable energy and content related to climate change, energy efficiency, and the future of sustainable energy in Canada and the world. 


  • In collaboration with a team of subject matter experts and a graphic designer, develop training materials for three renewable energy programs:
    • 10-Day Community Solar Skills Program
    • 5-Day CSA Solar Skills Program
    • 5-Day Community Wind Skills Program
  • Develop training materials using educational theory and best practice related to classroom and hands-on learning, including course outlines and descriptions, instructor guides, learner guides, train-the-trainer materials, and PowerPoint presentations with speakers’ notes
  • Ensure that programs adhere with certifying bodies’ (CSA and NABCEP) learning objectives 
    Coordinate and collaborate with a team of SMEs to ensure accuracy and relevance of training materials
  • Develop evaluation processes for training programs to reflect certifying bodies’ evaluation requirements
  • Ensure the training programs align with industry needs

Key Deliverables:
◦ Training materials for a 5-Day CSA Solar Skills program complete by January 14, 2020
◦ Training materials for a 10-Day Community Solar Skills program complete by March 31, 2020
◦ Training materials for a 5-Day Community Wind Skills program complete by May 30, 2020
◦ Complete iteration of training materials for all three programs to reflect trainee, instructor, and accreditor feedback: September 30 - October 31, 2020

The Instructional Designer will utilize Iron & Earth’s existing solar training course outline elements to develop the 5 Day Solar Skills program. The 10 Day Solar Skills program will draw on content from the 5 Day Solar Skills program. Learning objectives and evaluation frameworks for two of the three courses are pre-established by accrediting bodies. These factors have been taken into consideration when estimating the time the Instructional Designer will require to complete the above deliverables.

The three training programs are being developed as a part of Iron & Earth’s Renewable Skills Initiative. The Renewable Skills Initiative is designed to build up the workforce required to fill the growing need for skilled solar and wind energy industry workers, while empowering our core constituency of fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to enter these industries. Our goal is to have gender parity in our programs. 
In the first phase of this initiative, Iron & Earth and the Louis Bull Tribe completed the Louis Bull Solar Daycare project, where fossil fuel industry workers and Louis Bull Tribe community members were trained in solar through the installation of a solar energy system on the roof of the community daycare. 
The goal of the next phase is to establish the training programs we need in order to bring similar sustainable energy training programs to over 70 communities across Canada by 2025.
The 5-Day CSA Solar Skills program will be designed to prepare journeyman and apprentice electricians to write the CSA solar PV exam. The wind and solar community-based programs will be accessible to all community members that have a minimum of Grade 10 education, limited to the non-electrical scope of projects. 

Mandatory qualifications
• Experience with instructional design and development, preferably in the renewables sector but not required
• Experience developing educational materials for adults in the classroom environment
• Well-versed in learning best practices, strategies and methodologies 
• Experience with technical writing 
• Personal values that are aligned with Iron & Earth’s vision and philosophy
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate with subject matter experts 
• Strong communication and collaboration skills

Additional skills and experience preferred
• Post-secondary degree or equivalent experience in adult education
• Understanding of fossil fuel and renewable energy industries 
• Experience with renewable energy development in your community

We especially encourage Indigenous people and people with experience in the fossil fuel industry to apply. 


Salary and hours
This is an independent contract position. Compensation is $29,700 including GST. Payment will be distributed along with deliverable milestones.

Remotely, location flexible. We have a largely mobile work environment. 

If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements, please send us your resume and a cover letter by November 3, 2019.
Include in your cover letter:  how your curriculum development experience relates to the contract qualifications, what interests you personally about working with Iron & Earth, and when you are available to start the contract along with your general availability. Be aware that there will be a concentrated workload during the first three months of the contract.
We’d love to see what you have worked on! Please include a sample of curriculum material you have developed along with your resume and cover letter.
Send this email with the subject line “Instructional Designer Contract” to info@ironandearth.org and send your application package in one PDF titled “Last name_first name_application”.

Applications will be considered on a continuing basis until the posting closes on November 3, 2019.

Thank you for your interest.

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