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CEO Job Posting at Iron & Earth Industries

  • Stage: Available
  • Category: Employment


Closing date: December 2, 2020

Job type: Full time staff position

Start date: January 2021

Compensation: Starting at $35/hr and 40 hrs/week. Higher compensation opportunities will be available in alignment with the enterprise’s growth objectives.

Contract timeline: Permanent position

Location: Remote


If you are excited to help forge a prosperous energy transition for our country and you have experience in the fossil fuel industry, don't miss this exciting opportunity to work with Iron & Earth! 

We are hiring a CEO to lead our new startup social enterprise, Iron & Earth Industries, a worker-driven renewable training company. Canada’s energy mix is changing rapidly and Iron & Earth Industries plans to be at the forefront of a new wave of training for workers to power the new economy. We offer training and career support for fossil fuel and Indigenous workers in rural and remote communities. All profits from the training company will be invested in Iron & Earth’s nonprofit activities. 

This role is an exciting opportunity to join a team at the ground level of building a social enterprise poised to make a tangible contribution to getting workers into the over one million climate jobs that the net-zero economy will require.

The CEO provides oversight, overall management, planning, vision and leadership for Iron & Earth’s work including strategy, finance, resource development, human resources, constituency and stakeholder engagement, communications, and board development. The CEO employs an empowering approach when collaborating with team members to nurture an environment of shared responsibility and accountability for the organization’s work.


Iron & Earth formed around the lunchroom tables of the oilsands during an oil price crash, which resulted in over 100,000 oilpatch employees losing their jobs between 2015 and 2017. We realized that our trade skills were transferable to the renewable energy industry and recognized the urgency of diversifying into these technologies. Beyond the financial benefits, we were excited about the opportunity to help build a more sustainable energy future. So, in Spring 2016, we launched Iron & Earth to create a better future for ourselves, our coworkers, and the planet. Since then, we have built a membership of over 900 fossil fuel industry workers passionate about our vision and have carried out a wide range of initiatives. 

Iron & Earth is a worker-led not-for-profit whose mission is to empower fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to build and implement climate solutions. Our top-level goal is to help ensure a prosperous transition towards global carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our vision is that fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers will play a leading role in building the infrastructure and nature-based solutions required to reach global climate targets. Our vision of Iron & Earth’s role in realizing this future is that by 2050 we will have empowered thousands of worker members to establish chapters, develop projects, deliver training programs, shape policies, and host and participate in climate solution-related events around the world.

We recognize that the new economy must be grounded in a recognition of Indigenous peoples’ right to be self-determining over their own lands and resources, in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and strive to work toward a new economy that reflects this principle.

Iron & Earth will continue to fulfill its mission while launching a complimentary training company, Iron & Earth Industries. The training company will operate as a social enterprise, with profits going to support Iron & Earth’s vital work. 

We have already developed our first three training programs: two in solar and one in wind energy. The courses are designed for in-person, hands-on learning and are grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing and learning. A fourth course on transforming inactive wells into solar projects is in early stage development. 


This opportunity is perfect for a current or former fossil fuel industry worker who has an inspiring vision of how Canada’s traditional energy sector workforce and businesses can be mobilized to build a prosperous net-zero future. The mission for the Iron & Earth Industries CEO will be to launch and maintain a social enterprise capable of scaling our training programs and services. The top-level-goals for the Iron & Earth Industries CEO is to help ensure Iron & Earth trains over 1000 fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers by 2025 and generates a profit to support Iron & Earth’s nonprofit activities.

CEO responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement strategies to effectively develop and launch a social enterprise to scale the delivery of our training programs and generate revenue for our nonprofit activities
  • Develop innovative initiatives to help fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers diversify into climate careers
  • Secure funding to ensure resources are in place to continue the resilience and scalability of the social enterprise
  • Work alongside the new Iron & Earth Executive Director to ensure alignment between Iron & Earth Industries and the existing initiatives at Iron & Earth. 
  • Support National Chapter Director to strengthen and expand our chapters across the country and eventually internationally
  • Lead Iron & Earth’s Climate Career Portal development
  • Lead Iron & Earth’s Net-Zero Pathways program development
  • Act as a spokesperson for Iron & Earth at key events and with news media 
  • Engage with decision-makers and elected officials to advocate for Iron & Earth’s policy priorities
  • Engage with stakeholders to establish strategic partnerships
  • Manage project budgets


Mandatory skills & experience

  • Ability to carry out the mission, objectives, and activities included above
  • Personal values that are aligned with our organization’s mission, objectives and philosophy  
  • Experience in a top-level management position or equivalent (can be for-profit, non-profit, or cooperative) 
  • Experience developing profitable strategies and implementing vision
  • In-depth knowledge of corporate governance and general management best practices
  • Demonstrated ability to secure financing for organizations doing social purpose work 
  • Experience recruiting and supporting teams of employees
  • Exceptional written and communication skills
  • Strong understanding of corporate finance and performance management principles
  • Familiarity with diverse business functions such as marketing, PR, etc.
  • Understanding of oil and gas, renewable energy industries and political landscape in Canada
  • Experience in the fossil fuel industry, whether it be a white or blue collar background
  • Empowering leadership approach
  • Enthusiasm about contributing to a work environment that continually seeks to take decolonial and nonracist approaches to everything we do
  • Must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection

Additional skills and experience preferred

  • Experience collaborating with Indigenous communities
  • Experience with campaigning, community organizing, or union organizing
  • Experience organizing events
  • Experience leading media relations
  • Experience with Google Suite and other digital tools
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, communications or related field
  • Experience in a startup
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Experience in government relations and stakeholder engagement

We especially encourage and welcome Indigenous candidates to apply. 


Salary and hours

Compensation: $35/hr at 40 hr/week. 


Remotely based with some opportunities to meet with members and team members in-person, pending COVID-19 restrictions throughout the period of the contract.

How  to apply

If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements, please:

  • Send us your resume and cover letter by midnight on December 2, 2020, to info@ironandearth.org in one PDF titled "Last name_first name_application" and the email title "CEO"
  • In your cover letter, please tell us about how your experience in the fossil fuel industry inspires you to support workers to build and implement climate solutions. Please also describe the skills and experience you would bring to this position's mission, objectives, and activities.

We will consider applications continuously until the posting closes on December 2, 2020.

We thank all applicants for your interest in our organization and the time spent on your application; however, only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted.


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