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Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA)

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Multiple employment opportunities outlined below.

Check out our Job Board here: Job Board — AHMA (ahma-bc.org)

The Training and Capacity Policy Analyst (TCPA) works with the Operations Team to create an Indigenous Training Framework for AHMA Housing Providers. The Analyst identifies the needs of Housing Providers to build competency in the work that they perform.

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The Financial Services Specialist works alongside members of the Operations Team to ensure financial reviews are conducted on an annual basis. Moreover, the Financial Services Specialist acts as the liaison between the Operations Team and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to maintain clear, consistent communications for each step of the financial review process.

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The Team Assistant provides administrative and clerical support to AHMA’s Operations Team in work they do in support Indigenous Housing Providers throughout BC. Key duties include records management, scheduling, reconciling financial information, handling inquiries, data entry, written communications, and project and program support.

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The Supportive Housing Policy Analyst (SHPA) supports AHMA housing providers in the coordination and implementation of supportive housing programs and services through a harm reduction lens in efforts to address mental health needs and reduce homelessness and poverty in Indigenous communities.

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The Revitalization Manager supports off Nation Indigenous projects in development and works on the promotion, support, collaboration and approach to Indigenous supportive housing. The position leads AHMA’s work in defining and measuring cultural safety and then applying findings to guide non-Indigenous housing providers who deliver supportive housing projects to Indigenous people.

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The Supportive Housing Specialist (SHS) works with AHMA’s operations team on ways to engage and support Indigenous Housing Providers in the delivery of supportive housing to vulnerable and marginalized populations.

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The Portfolio Manager (PM) is responsible for the management of a full range of services for nonprofit Indigenous housing projects and programs, under various agreements with the Indigenous Housing Providers located throughout Province of BC.

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