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Indigenous Climate Resilience Futures ZINE

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  • Category: Collaboration

The world is changing, but Indigenous Peoples continue to survive and thrive just as we have from the very beginning. Now more than ever we need to share our voices and visions for the future, to inspire each other as we adapt to this changing environment. We invite you to imagine a world where our people are thriving - happy, healthy, taking care of the Lands and Waters, with food sovereignty, able to co-exist and work in harmony with nature as we have done since time immemorial.

The Indigenous Climate Resilient Futures Zine provides a creative outlet for exploring challenges and opportunities faced by Indigenous folks living through the climate crisis in British Columbia. By collecting expressions of anger, fear, frustration, hope, possibility and resilience, the Zine seeks to act as a resource and source of inspiration for communities and help guide us towards a climate-resilient future.

Funded in part by the BC Climate Action Secretariat and led by Indigenous-owned and -operated planning firm, Alderhill Planning Inc, the Indigenous Climate Resilient Futures Zine intended to amplify and celebrate Indigenous voices via culturally appropriate artistic expression on climate change.

Open to a diverse range of creative submissions including but not limited to artwork, poetry, song, video, interview, prose, comics, cartoons, and stories, from all Indigenous folks, we especially welcome submissions from Indigenous youth, Elders, urban Indigenous Peoples, creatives, and non-linear thinkers.

We invite Indigenous-identifying folks from across the province to share their vision for an Indigenous climate-resilient and food-secure/sovereign future in a way that feels authentic to yourself, your family, your community, and your culture.

Submissions are open from January 1st, 2022 until February 28th, 2022 (early bird bonuses are available for submissions received by January 31!)


Participants are asked to provide an artist’s statement along with their submissions, giving the piece a title and 2-4 sentences describing how it represents a vision for a climate-resilient and food-secure future.

A scaled honoraria will be provided to all who submit based on the number of hours spent on the submission. 

  • <2 hours = $50

  • 2-5 hours = $150

  • 5-10+ hours = $300
    For submissions expected to exceed 10 hours, or for group submissions please contact ren@alderhill.ca, providing a rationale and your desired honorarium. 
    For submissions that involve the pairing of a youth and an Elder, honoraria will be provided to each individual. 

A hard copy of the Indigenous Climate Resilient Futures Zine will be sent to all participants. The Zine will also be distributed through band offices, friendship centres, and other Indigenous community hubs (please send any recommendations for centres of distribution to jen@alderhill.ca). The Zine will also be available virtually.

To make a submission, please click here

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