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    Des emplois étudiants excitants en R et D au Conseil national de recherches pour l’hiver 2023

    Es-tu un étudiant inscrit dans un programme de science ou génie qui cherche un environnement de travail sympathique pour le prochain semestre où tu pourrais contribuer au d...
    Stage: Available  ·  Category: Employment
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    Exciting R&D student work opportunities at the National Research Council for winter 2023

    Are you are a student enrolled in a science or engineering program looking for a friendly work term environment for next semester? The National Research Council’s (NRC) might just have what ...
    Stage: Available  ·  Category: Employment
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    Exciting opportunity to contribute to an Arctic Renewable Energy research project (summer/fall 2022)

    The NRC is looking for a Mechanical, Electrical, or Civil engineering 8 month coop student to contribute to the implementation of a renewable energy integration research project that aims to...
    Stage: Available  ·  Category: Employment
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    Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative

    The Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative aims to find and support First Nation, Inuit and Métis Nation innovators who have housing ideas for rural, urban or remote Indigenous communit...
    Stage: Available  ·  Category: Funding
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