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ICE Network CoLab Summary:  Microgrid Energy Storage

ICE Network CoLab Summary: Microgrid Energy Storage

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Event date: Wednesday, January 22ndth at 13:00 ET


Microgrids and islanded power systems can include energy storage as a way of increasing the system’s firm capacity when intermittent power sources are not delivering power, offering frequency control and voltage support to the grid, as well as increasing the penetration of renewable energy technologies. In this ICE CoLab we heard from three distinct perspectives on the applications, deployment, and operations of energy storage.   

CoLab Resources

  • CoLab Host: Neil Hawkes, Sustainable Energy Coordinator, Nunatsiavut Government
  • Resources:
  • Brett Smith, Senior Manager, First Nations and Metis Relations for the IESO
  • Guy Morgan, Director of Operations for Yukon Energy
  • Shivani Chotalia, Manager of Engineering & Community Partnerships, NRStor Inc.

Considerations for Energy Storage

In his presentation, Brett Smith introduced the work of the IESO and gave the Ontario-based context for the work that his organization has done in the energy storage space. Because of the nature of the IESO as the operator of the Ontario electrical grid, the experiences and learnings that it has gathered are directly relevant to remote and isolated grid operations, but on a larger scale.

Some of the key learnings and considerations for power storage by the IESO include:

  • Energy Storage feasibility is unique to each system, and will depend on what function the storage system will be providing;
  • Integrated, intelligent control systems are critical for asset management and optimization. These systems need to be configured to the specific needs and challenges of the grid and can be expensive, but are essential to optimization;
  • In-house training and capacity development are critical to the longevity of the system and in maintaining its operations.

Planning for Energy Storage Additions to an Isolated Grid

The primary rationale for the addition of energy storage to the Yukon Energy grid was the key finding that the system’s reserve capacity would not meet the peak demand of the grid if its largest diesel generator went offline for any reason. This additional grid capacity was the primary reason that a battery energy storage system (BESS) was recommended in the YED Integrated Resource Plan. The benefits/services of developing a BESS includes:

  • Frequency Control
  • Voltage Support
  • Spinning Reserve
  • Increasing the Efficiency of Hydro
  • Load Restoration
  • Short-Term Capacity
  • Deferral of Transmission/Distribution System Upgrades


Insights and Lessons Learned from Deployed Energy Storage Systems

From its portfolio of deployed energy storage projects across Canada, NRStor’s Shivani Chotalia shared insights that are relevant to microgrid and isolated energy system owners and operators considering energy storage:

  1. Energy Storage can offer faster responses to the grid than traditional generation sources;
  2. Storage can provide a range of services to the grid;
  3. Strong supplier contracts are very important for projects to be successful. Experience in this space is only just developing in the North American market, so looking at relevant project experience is essential.

In addition to sharing lessons learned from five projects that NRStor has deployed across Canada, the Arviat Clean Energy Microgrid Project was also introduced, which is one that they will keep us posted on using the ICE Network as it develops. The project, when complete, will be integrating a 200kW solar system, a 1.6MW wind turbine, and a 2MW/2MHh BESS to the existing diesel generation system. The project is projected to offset 1.5 Million litres of diesel fuel each year, and over 20 years, prevent over 160,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

CoLab Attendees (113)

Ahmed Abdulla, George Ackert, Jimmy Arqviq, Ariadni Athanassiadis, Carsen Banister, Conrad Baumgartner, David Benton, Jordan Blake, Julien Bourque, Raidin Brailsford, Nick Brown, Kevin Brown, Kimberley Brown, Darrell Brown, Charles Burnett, Dietrich Bödecker, Andrew Cahill, Rob Callow, Eric Cantin, Chantelle Cardinal, Richard Carlson, Diana Cartwright, Adam Cassady, Philip Chief, Julien Choisnard, Moah Christensen, Jason Collard, Chantale Comeau, Roderick Costain, Corey Cote, Cathy Cottrell, David Crombie, Shawn Davison, Brittany Dewar, Lisa Etienne, Braden Etzerza, , Ian Flood, Michael Fediw, Guy Follen, Kevin Force, Sara Fralin, Bruno Gagnon, Angela Gerbrandt, Barb Gray, James Griffiths, Brie Haley, Jillian Haneiph, Darryl Hill, Darryl Holloway, Austen Hughes, Jason Jackson, Tyler Jobb, Chris Keast, Kara Kolkman, Julien Lafaille, Gail Lawlor, Martha Lenio, Sheena Li, Carl Little, Kevin Lough, Andreane Lussier, Scott Matthews, Shawn McCallum, Andrew McFarlan, Scot Merriam, Hermann Meuter, Dennis Michaelson, Tom Molinski, Sultana Molla, Charlene Monaco, Nigel Moore, Kyla , , Morrisseau, Kim Nash-McKinley, Paul Newall, Etienne Patenaude, Amy Pellerin, Benoit Pepin, Charles Pereira Da Costa, Duncan Phillips, JP Pinard, Nani Pradeepan, William Ransom, Monica Reed, Jimmy Royer, Eduardo Saldana, Terrence Sauvé, Connor Scheu, Mike Shanks, Minoo Shariat-zadeh, Heather Shilton, Bruce Simms, Kyle Sims, Steven Smith, Michael Smith, Jim Stauffer, Jay Storfer, Spencer Sumanik, Ricardo Thomas, Michael Tilson, Martin Tampier, Yuya Taniura, Gray Taylor, Dimitri Treheles, Dylan Whiteduck, Rae-Anna Whiteduck, Jason Wilson, Stephanie Wood, Paul Wyminga, Stephanie Zimmerling, Jason Zrum, crystal campbell, clay good, niamh roche, Anil Arora, Jean-Philippe Bernier, François Boivin, Christine Boland, Stephan Bowman, Anael Briand, Michael Brown, Eliana Chia, Matt Colden, Rob Cooke, Olav Cramer, Mike Currie, KAtrine FRese, Andres Filella, Neil Hawkes, Dylan Heerema, Kent Heinrich, Ed Hogan, Blair Hogan, Charlene Holmes, John Jensen, John Jensen, Vladana Jevtic, Albert Klyne, Spencer Knowles, Eric Labrecque, Brent Larison, Kathleen Lombardi, Ian Loughran, Roxana Lund, Adam Lynes-Ford, Sarah Macri, Dr. V Martez, Alan Martin, Corey Mattie, Katya McClintock, Claude Mindorff, Matthew Obee, Michael Palmer, Paul Pauze, Spencer Pollack, Devin Rachar, Reg Renner, Pratap Revuru, Charity Rivard, Michael Ross, Khaled Saleh, Kristen Schell, Malek Tawashy, Michael Vegh, Angel Ward, Jeremy White, Rae-Anna Whiteduck, Nicole Wiedman, Paul Wilson, Philip Winters

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Hey! Questions for this topic: Are there any Microgrid energy storage experts located around BC? And, do any offer training for Diesel get set/solar pV/lithium ion battery storage micro-grid system operations in community?

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